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People's Bank
Our Vision

To be the Bank of the aspiring People of Sri Lanka: empowering people to become value creating, competitive and self-reliant.
Our Key Strengths

* 45 years of pioneering banking services

* 10,543,445 loyal deposit account holders

* 9,645 dedicated employees

* An unmatched outreach of 324 Branches, 306 Service Centres and 188 ATMs in addition to the Corporate Branch and OCU.

* 1456 Sisu Udana School Banking units across Sri Lanka with 1,308,673 student Sisu Udana accounts.

* The commitment to create lasting value for the people of Sri Lanka

* Automated interbranch funds transfer facility between 297 branches in key cities and towns across Sri Lanka

* State-of-the-art Core Banking package to improve customer service quality and facilities has been implemented across the branch network and at Head office

Our Business Values

* We recognise that the primary reason for our existence is to create value for all the people of the Nation by becoming a major source of high quality capital information.

* In all our activities we will exercise our duty of utmost care in the interest of our depositors

* We will promote long-term ethical relationships with our customers through true and fair dealing

* We will put our customers at the centre of everything we do by minimising bureaucracy, demanding hands on management, fast decision and implementation

* We will empower people and require them to be accountable

* We will demand the highest standards of personal integrity at all levels, putting the Bank’s interest ahead of individuals

* We will create an environment of mutual respect and trust where employees can demonstrate their performance and achieve their full potential

* We will develop our business by encouraging high performing teams that recognise and support the skills, commitment and links to the community of every employee

* We are committed to complying with the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations, adhering to the highest standards of Corporate Governance, transparency, disclosure and ethical conduct

* We will conduct ourselves as good citizens promoting the environment and sustainable development
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