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DFCC Vardhana Bank
In the last five decades, DFCC Bank has been a symbol of innovation, enterprise and financial strength in the area of development banking. As the new retail-banking arm of DFCC Bank, DFCC Vardhana Bank has the backing of a resourceful and respected pioneer. When you bank with us you have the advantage of being serviced by an experienced and responsive team of banking professionals. If you value a competitive line of products and services at the very best interest rates, then contact us today and see why DFCC Vardhana Bank is the right choice for you.

DFCC Bank infused new capital of Rupees 481 million to the National Mercantile Bank (MERC Bank) resulting in DFCC owning 95% of MERC Bank. Consequent to this change, the bank was renamed as DFCC Vardhana Bank.

DFCC was set up by an Act of Parliament in 1955 and is a pre-eminent provider of finance and specialist investment, advisory and financial services to Sri Lanka’s growing business sector. The bank’s success has been characterized by a strong commitment to its mission of providing superior financial solutions and nurturing business enterprises. Strong risk management, technical expertise and a pioneering approach to its core competency of development lending have enabled significant benefits to the Bank’s large customer base.

DFCC Vardhana Bank has secured SL AA- national rating for implied long term unsecured debt from Fitch Rating Lanka in 2004. This rating denotes very low expectation of credit risk.

DFCC and DFCC Vardhana Bank operates from several locations throughout the country.

DFCC Bank has been associated with a stream of significant financial innovations, underpinning its reputation as a market leader. It continues to thrive on the winds of change, seizing opportunities as they come and making it possible for their customers to reach new horizons.
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