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Akbar Brothers Ltd
History of both Ceylon tea and Akbar Brothers family were destined to commence in the same era in Sri Lanka in the 1860's. James Taylor, a Scotsman, planted the first tea sapling in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon ) in 1867 whilst in 1864, the great-grand father of present Akbar brothers' Shaikh Hebtulabhoy, left his native India , and settled down in Sri Lanka . His son Tyeabally Shaikh Hebtulabhoy pioneered the family in to the thriving Sri Lanka tea industry, by forming M. S. Hebtulabhoy & Company Limited. Tea historian D. M. Forrest's 'A Hundred Years of Ceylon Tea' book in page 152 states thus: Very large purchases today, for the Middle East market in particular, are such firms as Hebtulabhoy & Co established in Colombo for generations, began shipping tea abroad in 1907.

In time, Tyeabally Shaikh Hebtulabhoy's grandsons- Abbas, Abid and Inayet Akbarally - who too were well versed in tea, relinquished their positions in Hebtulabhoys & Co., and formed Akbar Brothers in 1969. Within 3 short years Akbar Brothers succeeded in making significant breakthroughs in to major tea markets in the Middle East , and elsewhere.

Akbar Teas' excellence wins world recognition

As tea merchants owning a unique family tradition stretching back over 100 years, it was natural indeed for Akbar Brothers Limited to become the first ever Sri Lankan tea company to be awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9002 and HACCP quality certificates. Prior to that, the prestigious 'Lion' logo endorsement of Sri Lanka Tea Board for Pure Ceylon Tea was awarded as well. More wholesome and decisive acclaim came from the Sri Lanka Marketing Institute when they consistently honored 'Akbar' tea as the "International Brand of the Year". These come as further confirmation of the superiority of the overall quality of this flagship brand of finest Ceylon tea.

Stringent quality control at Akbar Brothers premises has been primarily entrusted to a workforce of dedicated, experienced and qualified personnel. Their task is aided by the high-tech state-of-the-art machinery imported from Germany , Italy and Japan and the other latest communication systems in place.
Nevertheless, since quality of tea is a time-honored tradition in Akbar brothers' family, a family member is always at hand to personally check into the quality of tea. Consistent checking for quality occurs at purchasing, storing, processing and just prior to loading for shipment.
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