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Harrisons (colombo) Ltd
Harrisons (Colombo) Ltd is one of the oldest tea companies in Sri Lanka. Its exports, whether in the traditional form - packed in chests - or paper sacks, consumer packets or tea bags are shipped to most tea drinking countries in the world. It also counts a number of traditional and internationally reputed trading companies amongst its customers.

A team of experienced, professional, tea tasters ensure that only the finest teas are chosen from the thousands of different varieties and qualities that are grown on the Island. Their skills ensure that each blend that comes out of the Company's extensive warehousing and blending complex, which is equipped with mechanical blending, packaging and tea-bagging facilities, is uniform and consistent in quality.


Harrisons (Colombo) is one of the oldest tea companies in Sri Lanka. Though the Company began operations in Sri Lanka in 1895, its roots go back to 1844. In that year, two friends, Smith Harrison and Joseph Crosfield entered into a partnership in London to trade in tea and coffee. They started Harrisons & Crosfield PLC with the then princely sum of 4,000 Sterling.

In 1895, the Company sent Mr. Arthur Lampard to Sri Lanka, entrusting him with the task of commencing tea trading operations in Colombo. Harrisons & Crosfield (Colombo) Ltd commenced operations in 1895.

In the late 1980s, Harrisons & Crosfield PLC, divested their holdings in South East Asia and other parts of the world. The management of their subsidiary in Colombo came under The Maharaja Organisation Ltd which, in 1989, led to the creation of Harrisons (Colombo) Ltd.

Product Range

The Company's product mix ranges from bulk teas, in chests, to packet teas and tea bags. These teas are available in a range of qualities blends to suit the particular needs and requirements of its international customers. In addition, the Company also exports its own brands as well as markets them in the domestic market.
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