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Our Mission

Such reawakening made us think of a different way to produce tea--the largest export crop of Sri Lanka. With numerous hardships and benevolent understanding, Nilmini Estate became perhaps the world's first hand-processed organic black tea producers in the world. Our mission is to provide nature friendly, labor friendly, healthy tea for the world.

For more than 20 years, we have exerted great efforts to produce labor-friendly and nature-friendly black tea in Sri Lanka. The dream became a reality when Ahinsa Tea was originally produced about six years ago in a small estate in the southern part of Sri Lanka.

It was perhaps the first time manually-produced organic black tea was introduced to the world. In Sanskrit, 'Ahinsa' means non-violent and the tea is produced with the most benevolent and fullest kindness to all -- human beings, animals and plants.

It took a while for them to organize required capital, land, resources and technical know-how to convert this manually produced organic black tea into commercial venture. Finally a new era was born when the Nilmini Estate (Pvt.) Ltd., Ihala Millawa, Morawaka, Sri Lanka was formed and started producing Ahinsa Tea in a large scale. Today, the Nilmini Estate produces a wide variety of organic teas to your specific requirements.

There are six major sub-brands of tea produced under the main brand name 'Ahinsa Tea'.

They are:

* Karuna - Dust no1 (kindness and affection)
* Mithree - BOP (love and kindness)
* Muditha - FBOPF (free from bonds, relief)
* Sukhita - FBOP (wishing well or healthy )
* Upeksha - OP-A (non-possessiveness)
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