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Javana Graphics Pvt. Ltd.
Picture jigsaw puzzles are helpful for children to use their imagination to understand how an image is constructed. This activity would emphasize on paying close attention to the details of an image in order to construct the puzzle. The Panther range of number puzzles begin with introducing numbers to children and consists of addition and subtraction and finally concludes with the multiplication puzzle. Our range of word building puzzles start off by teaching the alphabet through a matching exercise. And once the child is familiar with the alphabet they can be introduced to the fun with words series which teaches them to construct simple words up to Currently most of the educational toys for children are only in English. We have taken the initiative to develop both Sinhala and Tamil language puzzles, that introduce both languages to children. For early learners we have developed logical activities that would help them learn sequencing and pattern recognition, these activities help develop a child’s thinking. We have developed a comprehensive activity book series which many school have adopted in to their curriculum. The thematic board book range has provided kids with a head start to learning different subjects.
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